I took a walk yesterday.  I walked from our house to a local movie theater.  On my walk I was reminded of a phrase my high school choir director once told our choir, “If you can’t spend 10 minutes by yourself without going crazy, then you’re not okay.”

I’ve thought a lot about that phrase, and about what it means ever since.  My impression, is that if you can’t spend at least ten minutes alone with your thoughts, then you are unhappy with something in your life.  You’re so unhappy, that you should really do something about it.  

When I revisited where I was last year, at this time, I realized just how much has changed.  I’m....happy.  I’m truly happy with where my life is going right now.  Sure, learning how to do all of this is scary, and I have no idea where this will have me end up.  But, I feel like I actually have control of where I am.  I took a 45 minute walk with only my iPod to keep me company, and all I was, was happy.