Most of you know what this is like.  When you come upon a problem, could be a really simple problem, but for some reason it seems tougher than normal.  So you put off climbing over this wall, you put off digging your hands in, and plan to do it the next day.  But what happens if all your problems have become a wall?  What if your problems were big to begin with, but you get to a point with each one, that seems fairly complicated and insurmountable, that you don’t know where to go or where to start?

More than that, what happens when it’s not actually happening to you, but to someone else you care about?  What do you do then.  How do you help them, but not be overbearing?  I know what I would do if it was happening to me.  Take it bit by bit, do small bits I know how to do, slowly getting it all together.  

But telling someone that, and doing it yourself are different.  You make suggestions all you want to this other person, but how much is that really going to help them?  Especially when you’ve had the conversation multiple times.  Each conversation then is a reminder to the other person, of their wall.  By talking about it, in the end, you’ve simply stressed them out even more.  

Having patience is one of the hardest things for me to do.  It’s something I always struggle with.  When it comes to me learning to have patience with those I care about, I find life very difficult.  Not only is my concern eating my up, but I’m constantly striving to be more patient.  But when you are in a situation such as this, patience is one of the few correct choices.  Support and patience.  Difficult, stressful, but more rewarding than anything else you could be doing for them.