I thought about this quite a bit, whether or not it would be something interesting for others, if it’s even appropriate to share.  Well, I think making others aware of what you want out of life can help them put theirs in perspective.  It also sometimes allows more easily for personal forgiveness, or the realization that perhaps what you want in life really isn’t that crazy after all.

What I’ve been talking about is my current Life TODO list (Not a fan of the term ‘Bucket List’, as I feel that kind of list isn’t subject to change if need be).  I thought I might share it with you all.  I’ve been writing these since I was in 3rd or 4th grade.  Maybe one day I’ll have the...’guts’....to share my old ones.

Without further ado:
  1. Ride an Ostrich
  2. Learn how to program in python fluently
  3. Live in Germany for at least another six months
  4. Improve my German dramatically so I can read almost anything without a dictionary
  5. Learn Spanish enough to have decent conversations   
  6. Hike the Oregon Portion of the Pacific Crest Trail
  7. Own Chickens
  8. Make a Quilt
  9. Visit Prague
  10. Live on a sunny beach for a good period of time (where I can go swimming)
  11. Get into ridiculous shape, if only for a couple of months
  12. Run a marathon (or at least a half-marathon).