It was requested that I describe my dream from this morning, for my blog entry today.  It’s just as well, because I’ll be busy over the next two days and won’t have time to post anything.  I’m helping with the local Homeless Connect Event.  I made muffins this morning, and will be picking up some coffee and oranges for it later this evening.  Then tomorrow I volunteer.

Anyways, back to my dream.  This morning I had to wake up earlier than usual to go make muffins for the Homeless Connect Event tomorrow.  Suffice it to say I don’t normally wake up early, so I hit my snooze button a couple of times.  But before I originally hit my snooze button, I dreamt I was a ninja.

Not a ninja in the ‘wear black and hide in shadows’ thing, which some might argue is the whole point.  I was more a ninja in the I’m jumping on and off rooftops, bounding across a city and attacking with killer Kung Fu moves.  I was one of the ‘chosen ones’.  However it’s important to note that I wasn’t the ‘actual chosen one’ that was expected to fulfill some famous prophecy.  That person was still a child, around 4 or 5, and had to grow up yet before they could complete their destiny.  In the meantime I was supposed to stick around, distract all the bad guys from the real chosen one so he could grow up.  
Unfortunately the last time I went to visit the chosen one I stayed too long, because I cared for him so much.  As I felt the time press upon me, I left in a hurry to distract any bad guys trying to home in on me to find the ‘actual chosen one’.  What I didn’t realize until after I’d gone back to sleep after several snooze button hits, was that I’d lingered too long.  I had led the bad guys straight to this young child, whose keepers couldn’t fully protect him.  

Thus at one point when I’m fighting bad guys in town with awesome kicks and slashes (no blood though, it’s a rather PG dream), this little kid comes up to me.  I don’t recognize him at first, but then I realize it’s the chosen one out in the middle of nowhere I grab him up quickly.  Only after a few moments of checking on him do I realize he’s recently been turned into a vampire.  Gasping in horror at what’s happened it comes to me that the chosen one can no longer fulfill the prophecy.  As I’m the only chosen one left, I realize that I must complete it, no matter what it takes.  As the child is lost due to becoming a vampire,  I  leave him there after slightly bashing his head so he will die and not hurt anyone.  The last part of my dream I remember is running off, still running away from bad guys and having no idea where to start with saving the world.