I’ve been busy lately.  My last entry last week was about how I was going to be out as I was busy helping with the Homeless Connect Event in Corvallis.  I was on the planning committee last year and partially this year (it only partially existed).  This event is basically a one stop shop for the local homeless, however the services are available for almost all who attend if they wish it.  These services include some mobile dental and medical vans, that provide services to those without insurance.  There are also a plethora of local assistance programs in attendance at this event, who provide information and sometimes even simply process requests at the event.  There is also HIV testing, free hair cuts provided by Supercuts, a meal by Stone Soup and some donated items for those who attend the even can take with them.  This event is a great opportunity for those in need to get many of the services they need taken care of all in one afternoon.  

So yes, I assisted at this this event on Friday, and then after a successful Friday I went and sprained my left ankle at a soccer game early in the afternoon on Saturday.  Luckily Robey and I were to go visit his family over the weekend, so I was able to stay off my feet all weekend and let my ankle partially recover.  

Then I went to a Timbers game on Monday.  The Timbers are the local MLS soccer team in Portland, OR.  It was a very rainy and cold evening for sitting in a stadium, but the game was worth it and tons of fun.  I also had good company, a friend had invited me along earlier last week, and it made for a very wonderful end to an odd weekend.

I’ve been busy, but I’m now back to posting, and am available and everything else.