I use a variety of services for my new blog.  I use a template systems provided by mojombo.  This provides the main structure for the blog.  That means, the code provided includes all the files and necessary set up for the blog template to work through github.  In order to post or make adjustments to my blog, I simply update the repository on github.  If you’re interested in github and what it is, you can follow this simple tutorial for more information and help on downloading it to your computer.  This tutorial will help you setup git on your computer, and get started using this awesome system.  Please note, don’t bother with this unless you’re planning on doing something with code.  Otherwise it may be a bit superfluous.
As I mentioned last week I also use Disqus which allows me to provide a comments section, as well as social sharing tools.  These tools are easily accessible, and are used through each blog entries individual page.  It was also easy to implement, simply cutting and pasting a chunk of javascript onto my post.html page.  
AddThis is a great service available for those who want something that provides them with social sharing tools that are easy to access and insert into their.  AddThis provides you with a variety of different social service buttons to add to your site, along with a variety of styles.  One of the downsides I’ve found, however, is that the AddThis information does not directly link up to your facebook page from your site.  At least, this is as far as I’m aware of at the moment.  

I mentioned on Friday that twitter provides you with a widget that will insert your twitter feed (although shortened for easier insertion into another web page).  This widget allows you to select the colors for it’s design, but unfortunately no other specifications are allowed.  This widget is just as easy as the other services mentioned above, however it has a specific width value range, and so configuring your page to work appropriately with it can be a bit annoying.  

There is one more service I want to mention, but it’s not directly related to my blog.  This service is called Gravatar.  You can use Gravatar to make one personal avatar your only avatar online.  Gravatar will insert your chosen avatar into a variety of sites, so you don’t have to do it for each one.  It makes the process of being involved in online conversations much easier.  This way you can take part, without all the extra hassle.