I received an email earlier this week about signing up for the Google Code Jam. I signed up last year, but didn’t understand enough about programming to actually take part. I feel confident I can at least attempt the first problem this year, so I’ve signed up to challenge myself. I think some celebration will be in order if I can complete the first problem, no matter what my score.

New Science Fiction Tower Power IconI was also working on creating a new icon for my game Science Fiction Tower Power. Here is today’s creation. I’m rather proud of it. Creation was done using Inkscape.

I’ve made another change to my work schedule in order to provide more separated time to work on the business. My previous schedule was a six hour block on Wednesday through Friday. Now I’ve adjusted it to two eight hour blocks on Wednesday and Thursday, and one two to four hour block on Friday.

Hopefully this new schedule will allow for more creation and creativity…and hey! I got up before 10am today. Progress is made.