Rehashing on everything that happened for 90 minutes. Deliberatly remembering all the things that made me quit my previous job. Explaining them to someone else.

I thought that this experience was going to be severely painful. I expected to cry. I didn’t.

I didn’t feel crazy for reacting the way I did. Discussing what happened and how I reacted, I realized just how much I was trying to make the whole thing work. It wasn’t just me repeating what other people said. “Yes, I know. Yes, I’m not crazy…” On and on my list goes of all the things that I still felt were my fault.

Now I know that I wasn’t crazy. Now I know that it was real, and not just something I made up in my head. It’s so incredibly empowering. It’s insane the effect that kind of thing has on your confidence. It’s a good sign.