Day two mileage - 175 miles

We began today by roaming around Medford before hitting the road. We visited a local bakery called Berg’s Bakery & Bistro. They had a decent selection of sweet treats and donuts. I purchased a bear claw and enjoyed myself immensely.

Once on the road we headed north towards Eagle Point, and visited the old Butte Creek Mill. The mill is still in operation and you can purchase a variety of tasty looking things inside. There is also a small museum including a variety of artifacts from the time.

Nazi biscuits and swastika sodas from the early 30s

One picture of particular interest includes some historical items on display inside the store. Specifically the very unexpected Nazi paraphernalia.

After Eagle Point we continued down the Kalamath Falls - Lakeview Highway until we reached Stevenson park, located just outside of Dairy, OR. We took a brief lunch respite, and then continued to Bly. At Bly we checked out the local Antique store (which had a horde of antiques in good condition all tucked away in this small store) and I grabbed a picture of the local Theatre. I’m not sure if this theatre is in use, but it was recently remodeled.

Continuing on we entered the Fremont National Forest. Although pretty, it was nothing like the forests of the more central and northern Cascades. Expect red roads and pine trees.

In Lakeview we visited the Old Perpetual Geyser.

Old Perpetual Geyser

All I can say is that it’s consistent. Then we drove around town and settled down in our hotel for the night.