Day three mileage - 190 miles

We were out on the road earlier today. We grabbed coffee at the local drive through coffee hut and started down Hwy 140, Warner Hwy. We stopped several places on the road on the way to our lunch stop in Denio, Nevada. We took a couple of photos of the local scenery, wildlife, and the random highway cattle-drive. See the photo album for images of irritated cows.

Denio, Nevada (which on our map looked like a city), is now called simply ‘Denio Junction’ on Googlemaps. Rightly so, this is no longer a town, it doesn’t even have a gas station. Luckily we bought gas in Adel, OR before crossing over into barren Northern Nevada. There were quite a few rabbits to be seen however.

After driving another 2 hours north we arrived at the historic Frenchglen Hotel. Very nice people, an amazing family style dinner (although a little spendy), and lots of local trails to meander down. Alex and I took off towards one of the small local hot springs.

Chillin Juniper Tree and Alex

It was bird watching season for the Frenchglen Hotel, and many of the people we met were packing binoculors and bird identification guides. The next day we checked out several of the side roads and were able to view a large variety of migrating wildlife in the local Wildlife National Refuge.

We ended our third night playing the Looney Toons version of Monopoly before heading up to bed. Tons of laughing, tons of Grandma cheating (she’s prone to cheating at games), and tons of trying to teach my niece and nephew how to catch her at it. Probably my favorite place during the trip.