Day four mileage - 309 miles

Our first scheduled stop of the day was in Burns, OR. On the way there we took many side roads and visited a variety of things.

As it was the season for bird watching we often stopped at small ponds or lakes and pulled out the binoculors. My favorite stop of the day was at Diamond Craters. We only really had time to stop at one of the craters, but it was definitely worth it.

My family viewing one of the craters

We were originally planning on stopping for the night in Bend, OR. Once we arrived in Bend all of us were ready to head home. It had been a rather long trip already, and when we were within 3 hours of home with enough day light to make it through the mountains it seemed rather silly to stop for the night.

And that’s our trip! Despite it being unadorned with famous places or landmarks it was still fun and relaxing. Keeping it so flexible allowed us to be more spontaneous in our choices. Don’t get me wrong some planned trips are really fun too, but sometimes they can just feel like work.

Tomorrow we return to normal blog posts, programming tidbits, recovery reflections and probably rainy Oregon sunshine.