One of the issues I come up against is knowing when you’re telling too much. Either telling too much about a situation, a product, or something closer to home.

I was absent at the end of last week, and my apologies for that. I had every intention of posting on Thursday and Friday, however some things came up in my life that took precedence. Such situations aren’t uncommon in my life, in fact they’re more common than I would ever prefer them to be.

Sometimes a person’s life can be a certain way, and there is only so much they can do to mitigate it. For example, a person born to a drug-addicted mother and absent father can only do so much to deal with those issues. Although that’s not my personal experience, I know that everyone has people in their lives that are unavoidable but can still create large bumps in the road.

Everyone has parts or people in their lives that they devote to aiding and improving. Sometimes you’ll find that you have trouble living your life without seeing serious side-effects from these things infest your emotions and choices in everything else you do.

This is where the question of enabling comes in. How do you know you’re doing enough, but still not enabling? How, also, do you make a choice if you know a possible side-effect may cost the mental health and emotional well being of a child? How do you draw the line when it comes to the life of child?