Some changes are happening to my normal work week. Prior to this I was working as a contracted employee through a local temp agency as a part-time translator. I’m changing over to something a little more, with a stricter schedule and a requirement to be on site versus work from home.

My work schedule will be changing so I’m unavailable in the mornings, however in the later evenings I will still be working on FlamingLunchbox projects.

Despite the fact that I’ve gotten much better at organizing my time during the week, and designating hours for translation versus programming appropriately, there have been other things cropping up. One of the things I recently noticed that I missed quite a bit, was talking about my work day and what happened with Robey.

That’s one thing that working from home with your significant other will change. When you try to chat about your work day with your business partner in the evening you end up rehashing all the things you’ve already talked about. Not to mention bringing up projects that did or did not get finished. Such things can make life more stressful than they should be.

Working from home means you are home most of the day. This means that cabin fever is more of a constant threat instead of a faint acquaintence. I had found working at coffee shops to help rather well in this instance, however there are simply some things not as easily done with only one monitor. Two monitors are a programmer’s best friend, and most laptops cannot solve that issue.

When you come home from a work day you can see all the chores that you need to do sitting there for you. When working from home they are constantly staring you in the face. Favorite past times are also rather obnoxious teases. I often find myself randomly weeding a section of the garden when I walk outside for a moment. Such weeding escapades can sometimes last up to an hour, which is hardly a useful way to spend my day.

If any of these items I’ve mentioned make you hesitant to work from home, simply choose not to. They’re consistent, and they don’t go away. I’m still working on dealing with all of them. Learning to tune out chores and finding ways to get out are weekly necessities for me. Learning to not talk about work after the end of the work day was probably the hardest lesson of all.