This past week I’ve been working my game Science Fiction Tower Power. Most of my work has been on the code for the game.

Now that I’m finally working on it again, I’ve decided to redo how a person starts a game. I choose to go with a full screen cover instead of a dropdown menu. While I’ve just wasted the work I did, at least I know how to do a drop down menu now. The main screen is far from finished, but it’s definitely on it’s way.

New main page of Science Fiction Tower Power

I guess that’s how most programmers do it. Create possible fix, realize there is a better fix and adjust the code appropriately. Even if you just solved the problem twice, learning how to do the first bit of code was still an education.

I’ve also been working on some graphics for the game. A main hope is to get the stars in today or tomorrow. At the very least I want to finish transitioning over all of the game selection pieces to the new layout. After that I’ll be working on an icon for Robey’s new piece, WriteSimply.

Bonus for this week so far? I’m actually programming a fair amount after I’m done with my morning shift of 8-12 translating. Biking home/having coffee at the local shop seems to provide a fantastic transition. Hopefully this trend will continue for a while, as I’m feeling incredibly productive. Also, check out my awesome work station from earlier this week.

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