Robey’s been working on this neat project lately. It’s a web application very similar to Dark Scroll.

It’s a basic writing application that saves text files to an online storage system. It uses Dropbox and soon also Google Drive and SkyDrive as your login and file storage systems.

This project began as a side project of Betwixt, our Kickstarter. Betwixt will be saving and creating files using a very similar method to the one used in this application. One of the main differences is that Betwixt will use WebGL to display the text whereas WriteSimply will be using the current standard methods (contentEditable and text boxes).

With spellcheck built into the browser, and some color and font options, WriteSimply will be almost complete. I will be creating the main icon here in the next week. Personally I’m rather exicted about this projects near completion, mainly for selfish reasons.

I currently use text files for writing my blog, and I write them using Sublime Text Editor. This was the application I originally used when learning to program. While still a very good application it’s distracting, not only because I have to open up a different program to access it but I have to manually save it each time. WriteSimply deals with those concerns by being web based and auto-saving, as well as providing you a clutter free screen to write in.

Over the next week I’ll be finalizing an icon for the project. Did you know there are tons of images for writing programs? How on earth does one rehash a common idea of using a pencil, pen or paper while still staying original? I’m not quite sure myself, but I’ll be giving it a go anyways.