This past January I made a page action called CSP Schedule Converter. It creates downloadable ics and csv files that you can import into Microsoft Outlook, iCalendar, and Gmail Calendar. At this point the chrome web store says I have 27 users. About two weeks ago the Corvallis Sports Park posted their own version using their site, thus fulfilling the same action.

I’ve already tooted my own horn on facebook about how I helped to influence this change when I attempted to provide a solution on my own. They recently sent out emails noting that their option was up and running when the new indoor soccer season started. It was super exciting to hear.

Do I care that they made something to replace my creation? Yes. As far as I can tell, their product is much easier to use and far superior to my own. I would hope it would be, as I’m still a very inexperienced programmer. It makes me excited that I helped to highlight a change they could make, and that they took the initiative to solve it on their own as well.

This example shows me just how much change a person can help bring about by simply taking some initiative. I’m excited they made the update to their site. They created a better solution than me. They did nothing to desparage me or my work, but simply took it as a cue to make their own change. Their response is by far the best outcome I could have expected from my foray into page action creation.

Simply phrased: This means that people can make a difference. They simply have to take action and attempt to make the changes on their own. Find a way to make a difference, even if small. Sometimes those with the power and influence needed to make your dreams a larger reality will take notice.