I bet everyone has been wondering where I’ve been. Several things have happened. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, partially because I was sick for part of last week. Secondly, after much thought and discussion I’ve decided to cut back on my weekly blog entries. From now on I’ll only be posting about twice a week, mainly on Tuesday and Thursday. This decision is due to a couple of things.

I’ve taken on some extra responsibilities lately in my work life which are taking some of the focus away. It’s not the main reason, but it’s part of it. I’m also focusing on some other life things for a while. I want to get some other aspects of my life on track. I’ll still be working on my game, working on projects for FlamingLunchbox, and learning to program. I’ll also still be blogging.

I know many of you have read about how I’ve been having some rather large family problems crop up lately. This is another reason I’m cutting my blog entries down. I want to make it a priority to be a bit more involved in one particular relative’s life.

Part of all of this is also that I want to focus on programming. Instead of worrying about posting every day I’m going to work on getting more programming work done. There will be more focus on learning and reading about graphic techniques. I also recently bought a new camera for the business, to help with this learning process. My posts may be a bit more involved now, but as I said before I will still be posting.

See you on Thursday.