No post from this past Tuesday as I was rather busy with training at my other job. Nevertheless I am back again, and with exciting news!!

FlamingLunchbox will soon be moving into some office space. In the hopes to fully separate our home space from our office life, we’ll be moving our various office equipments into a space within the next month.

I know I’ve chatted a fair amount lately about how having your office space and your home life congealed makes for serious difficulties in ever feeling truly at home. Hopefully this new arrangement will take care of that stress (in a perfect world of course).

Otherwise life is really rather busy at the moment. I’m making slow but steady progress on my game and I’m almost finished with another unrelated project I had been working on. This means I should have more time to devote to programming, graphics and other business related items. We also have some other cool news about FlamingLunchbox updates that should be coming your way here real soon.