This past weekend Robey and I spent a fair amount of time creating a bunch of jams and some sandwich pickles. I wanted to share some pictures from our amazing experience over the hot oven and the delicious berries we started with. Unfortunately getting all of the camping gear packed last night didn’t allow either of us any time for much else.

So now you’ll get a serious collection of photos from jam making and rafting/camping this upcoming week. That’s right, I said rafting/camping. Robey and I are going rafting and camping with my mother (Gwen) and nephew (Alex) this upcoming weekend. We’re leaving Thursday after I get off work and driving up to Rock Creek Reservoir.

Friday all of us will go rafting for the first time, hopefully not drown or get too sunburned, and then go fishing and hiking around the rest of the weekend. All in all, I think it’s going to be tons of fun.

On a side note, I wanted to link everyone to this article about Why Over-Apologizing is a Bad thing. This article talks about why saying you’re sorry too much in the workplace can make you look weak. I think the turn of phrase that struck me the most was the quote at the end, ”It can give a certain kind of person permission to treat you poorly, or even abuse you,”.

Does this mean that being too willing to admit that you might be wrong might encourage those who might abuse you in the first place to start doing so? It definitely made my mind buzz. Robey put it this way, ”You can admit to being at fault for something without apologizing for it. Apologizing emphasizes the guilt you feel, and can sometimes allow others to feel more willing to point the finger in your direction. At least, for those who want to lay blame elsewhere, for anything.