It’s been a long week. Don’t mention the fact that it’s canning season and we have tomatoes being eaten by bugs. Please don’t mention the fact that I haven’t even thought to start our sweet pickles or salsa’s for the year. We’re making a game people! There are more important things at hand!

Everyday when I get home we’ve been doing our best to keep going and work on our game for this js13K challenge. There have definitely been a couple of days where working on the game hasn’t happened as much as I’d liked.

Most days I honestly went home and ready for at least 2 to 3 hours. Subsequently I’ve read about 2 or 3 books from the True Blood series. Yes, I said it, True Blood. What of it? Sometimes a girl needs to succumb to a vice once in awhile (Which I think I’m partially quoting the main character Sookie on this).

Despite our best efforts, Robey and I will be doing our best to program tons over the weekend in an attempt to get as much of the actual gameplay and generated landscape, creatures, and items finalized. That will leave us with the earlier part of the week to finish up any quirks or stylistic issues.

Did I mention that a good friend is having a seafood fest this weekend that we’ll be attending? Or that we’re meeting with some cool people to talk about programming on Sunday. I also have to find time to go to the Annual Renaissance Festival that occurs this weekend. Okay, so I’ll be programming as much as I can get in this weekend. Robey may be more lucky than me in that respect. He won’t get to see knights on horseback joust though…