Back into the breach, Missing in action, no matter which phrase I try to snag to open up this long needed blog post they all seem to be war related. Not that horrid warlike things happened while I was out. Life has simply been rather busy since I was hired for a full time position I was doing as a contractor for a while.

Shipping and Receiving is my current day job. Here I am, this five foot five high girl moving around 600 lb barrels, lugging around 30 to 50 lb boxes, and generally having a good time. Excitement because this means I get to keep up rock climbing strength, until I finally get back to the gym to work on rock climbing.

Up until yesterday however I didn’t even have time to work on programming or the business. It was crazy just how much I missed it. Not getting to work on Codecademy work was particularly saddening as i was moving along so well before.

So yes, a lot has happened in the two weeks since my last blog post. What happened with the 13k js Challenge? Well…miscommunication and honestly a realization that our dreams were bigger than our time frame. We created enough of a game to post, but due to the late hour some miscommunications occurred about the completeness of our game that ended up preventing us from submitting it to the competition. It’s still on our radar, however, and we’ll be putting it out there in the coming months.

I’ve been thinking some about my old place of work lately, more than I have for a while. Hopefully I’ll be getting a blog post up about that soon, but with all that’s going on I can’t promise anything at them moment.

In a couple of weeks I’ll be taking part in the Mechanical MOOC. I’m also helping to manage and organize volunteers for the local Corvallis Great Pumpkin Run. If you’re interested, sign up to volunteer and hang out with me for a Sunday morning in early October. As you can see, life is busy. Life is always challenging, and I’m happy. Always a bit tired, but happy.