We are working on a new game here at FlamingLunchbox, called Enceladus. It was originally developed for the js13K Game Development Competition, however when it came down to it we just weren’t happy enough with our game to submit it. It’s still an ongoing project, so expect posts and other information about it in weeks to come.

I’ve been learning a fair amount about how to use canvas for this project. Canvas, or the Canvas element, is part of HTML5 and allows for dynamic, scriptable rendering of 2D shapes and bitmap images. It basically allows you to create images by giving it coordinates, pixel lengths and widths, color variations, among many other things I’m still learning about.

I’m actually quite surprised how easy it was to pick up after just a bit. I’m still not an artist, but I am starting to figure out how to put these items together using a technology that allows for much smaller sized graphical images. It’s also made me rather interested in looking at creating images for my blog, or adding in other aspects to my text features. It’s not tough and it’s a technology I would appreciate being more versatile in.

But back to our game, Enceladus. It’s the first full-on joint venture attributed to both developers here at FlamingLunchbox. It was awesome to have such a great idea to focus on together. I’ll let everyone know the details when they’ve finished developing.