I’ve now finished the entire javascript track on Codecademy. Coding in javascript is now easier than python, I’m sad to say. Not that I’m not (like my double negative?) getting right back on track with the Mechanical MOOC here, in learning to program in python. Still, when I start to code my auto syntax is now set to javascript in my head.

Luckily I have enough experience with other languages that learning to do the switch is old news. After learning German, Middle-High German, Old English/Anglo Saxon, Old Norse, Norwegian, bits of Swedish and Danish and random words in Dutch I’ve gotten very used to seeing similar things next to each other and being able to see connections and similarities. Also sad, this last sentence reminds me how much I miss learning languages.

As I venture forth into python you’ll be seeing lots of mentions of Codecademy, MIT OCW, P2PU and the Mechanical MOOC. But for now, goodbye javascript. I’ll see you soon.