Much of election day was spent refreshing the NPR and New York Times websites for election day results. I also enjoyed two soccer games last night, which meant I didn’t get to do any nail biting as the final results were coming in. I was, as you can imagine, getting sweaty playing soccer instead.

On election day I did much reflecting. Thinking about where I wanted the country to go had me thinking about my own personal goals. Many of these goals have been changing over the past couple of years. As years have past I am starting to recognize how some goals are plausible and some are simply dreams.

By dreams I don’t mean they’re impossible to reach, I simply know that I want to do different things in my life now. I know how much time it takes to accomplish some goals and I realize that some of those I did have conflicted with other higher priorities. Yesterday, I spent much of my time thinking about what I actually want to accomplish with my life with what I felt like was more possible.

In learning to program and learning to create websites/HTML5 games I realized that I want to keep creating things. Mainly, I want to finish my game Science Fiction Tower Power, that I know for sure. Other than that life has changed enough I’ve had to go back and start writing up another Life Goals 2012 list.

It used to be so easy for me to fill up these lists. I loved making them. Now as I work on this one I keep asking myself…“Is that something I really want to do?” I wonder, have I really ever asked myself that before?