It’s been a while. Sorry for the long wait before another entry. Jet lag hit me harder than it has in my previous times to Germany. But mostly I’ve been busy either getting ready for, or getting to, Deutschland.

Robey and I have been in Germany for half a week now. We walked around Frankfurt, checked out the Main (river in Frankfurt), went shopping, checked out the Christmas market (Weihnachtsmarkt), drank Gluehwein and enjoyed sausage. Seriously, how can you be in Germany during December and not enjoy sausage and Gluehwein? Exactly.

Due to our odd schedule we’ve been mainly trying to adjust and take it easy. Wine is about one third the price here than it is in the US, so we’ve been enjoying the nice top shelf red wines.

We’ve been reading, doing some coding, watching Jens smoke on the balcony, enjoying americanos because we somehow are staying at the one house in Germany where people don’t own a coffee maker anymore. What the heck.

Oh, and It’s snowing today. It had already snowed earlier in the week, but today we woke to large puffy flakes swirling down and a hazy skyline.

Sunday we lit the second candle on the Adventskranz. For each Advent you light one more of the candles and Sunday is the second Advent of the holiday season. In Germany they also celebrate St. Nikolaus Tag on the 6th of December. It’s the alternative to the American Stocking, as Germans will need to clean their shoes the night before. In the morning if they were good children their shoes would be filled with candies or presents.

Also, every day when we walk back to Jens’ flat we see at least 15 rabbits bouncing around. There is a serious rabbit overpopulation issue in Frankfurt. Well, more German cultural traditions in days to come, otherwise see you tomorrow!