Today we went to Luxembourg and Trier, took some great pictures, but I’m honestly too exhausted to post or write about it. As I’m on vacation, half the time I’ll do my usual thing of getting caught up into a book and then read it until the early hours of the morning to finish it. So when we got up this morning I think I’d had about…4 hours of sleep?

Anyways, tomorrow is a day for relaxation so I should have time to get it all up then. We’ll be going to a sauna in the afternoon and playing a board game sometime during the day, but otherwise I should have time.

I’ve been doing Coding each day, at least a bit, on Codecademy. However I really need to bite down and get to work on my Science Fiction Tower Power game so I can finish it up and get it out there. Bah, vacation and building a game, not as fluid as I’d like.