After our long day trip to Trier we spent a well deserved day for relaxation. We slept in and took it easy for the first part of the day. Then Robey and I went to the Sauna. This kind of sauna we went to is very different from American saunas. It has a general swimming pool, a couple of basic hot tubs (hidden in this little alcove with a shorter roof area painted with a dark night sky), and then a special sauna area.

The sauna area consists of 8 different types of saunas. Three were specified by heat (75, 85 and 95 Celsius rooms). There was a Dampfbad (steam bath), and two other indoor saunas (one with a sunning options and the other we didn’t quite know what it was special for). All of these saunas surrounded three hot tubs where people, humorously enough, could sit and cool down before going into the next sauna.

In addition to the heat there was a small refrigerated bin where you could pull out some shredded ice and wipe your body down with the cold. There was also a mini restaurant inside where you could buy food, drinks, beer, and other alcoholic stuffs.

Outside there were two swimming pools, one was heated and I think the other was too but at a cooler temperature. As it was snowing outside, we only went in the heated one. There were also two other saunas in log cabins near these pools. One of a cooler temperature than the 75 Celsius room, and another one, much larger and hotter than that one…but I also don’t know what the specific type of room it was.

An awesome part about each room was the scents. Most of the heat specific rooms in the sauna had specific scents. My favorite was the scent in the 75 Celsius, myrrh. Once we returned home, the three of us enjoyed a new board game.

Robey and Jens figuring out the rules.

On our trip to Mainz we had purchased some board games, and today was the day we played the one Robey purchased. Jens had bought The Village, which we had already played, while Robey had purchased Eclipse. It was a ton of fun, a little intimidating at first, but after several cups of tea and about 4 times as long to finish as it said on the box we finished the game.