Until now, museums were only a source of wonder at the amazing ability other people had to create things. After spending the better part of a month traipsing around Germany seeing ancient works of art, things 100 to 4000 years old, I can tell you one thing. Creating works of greatness doesn’t always mean the creator had skills you don’t have.

What I’m realizing more and more is that creation is simply having the time, interest and patience to complete a project. Anyone can have that. But there are these questions that prevent people from getting started, such as “I don’t have enough creativity”, “I will never have the time” or “What if I make a mistake?”. I think if you continue to provide yourself enough time, you continue to have the interest and you have patience with your project, that anything is possible.

By time I mean that you have to be willing to devote time to the project you want to complete. This doesn’t just mean having time available, but making sure that the time is without distraction. Making sure that you won’t stress over not getting other things done, you’ll simply devote yourself during this period to your project at hand. It also means understanding that having time doesn’t mean 9 hours this upcoming weekend, sometimes it simply means hanging out at home and working on it for an hour or two after work some evening. It’s taking time, and making sure your dedicate your time to the task at hand.

You must have interest. If your interest wanes in your project, then you won’t make sure to devote time and you won’t have the patience to complete it anymore. Keep yourself excited about your project, in whatever way that works for you. Sometimes it simply means making sure to devote some time to it when you won’t let other things distract you. During that undistracted time often I’ll get reinvested in the project because I’m actually able to look at it again.

However mostly you need to have patience. Don’t freak out if you’re project is taking a lot longer than you think. Be willing to start over, or redo significant chunks of your work if you feel it needs fixing. Nothing is better than finishing a project you feel great about. The willingness to fix your own mistakes and make them better in a project for you, I feel, greatly increases your ability to do the same in more complicated situations. Such as at work, or conversations with family members. You gain insight into how good taking a couple of steps backwards can be, even in situations that normally lead to conflict.

This isn’t to say that allowing a perfectionist type mentality take over is a good thing. Often you have to be willing to complete a project that isn’t good, in order to be able to look at the whole thing, see your mistakes and learn from them. Don’t be afraid of completing something, because of only having to start all over again. The second time around you know so much more, and can make better decisions because you have something to compare yourself against, you.

I think everyone has the ability to be creative. In whatever scenario or situation I think that everyone can be creative in a way they want to. It’s about be willing to make mistakes, being patience with yourself, giving yourself time and making sure to keep your interest in your project.

Life is complicated, other things will take priority. That’s Okay. When you have an hour sit back down with your project and work on it again. Don’t regret other things that take up your time. You choose to do them because they were important too. Just don’t think that having life get in the way means you can’t do something inspirational in your life, something museum worthy. Keep your interest, make a little time now and again, and have patience with yourself.