As you can probably tell, Robey and I have been quite busy lately with Weihnachten. However, not to distract myself from the other side trips we had in the meantime, I’m finally back to catch you up on the rest of our trip.

Before we left Tuebingen, we visited the Bebenhaus Monastery. It was, as many a monastery, gorgeous, silent and filled with dead bodies. That’s right, in several rooms and pathways the floors had the grave markers of former prominent members of the Monastery, with them buried just below.

Even in death they remained within the walls of their beloved home, making my skin tingle just a bit more on the frigid temperatures inside the stone commune. Our guide Tilo was fantastic, having been there several times before, and we received a great tour of the building. However, even before we got inside Jens and I did only what Monastery visitors should, and had an impromptu snowball fight on the surrounding walls.

Jens and I having a snowball fight, with me just dogging one as it sailed towards me

On our way back from the Monastery we hoped to go to the Weihnachtsmarkt in Tuebingen again, however we barely had time to get back in time for our bus. This was partially due to some unfortunate timing at a particular shop which closed 15 minutes early and severely adjusted our plans. In a rush we finished our Gluehwein, said hasty goodbyes to Tilo and jumped on the bus.