Getting straight back into the thick of things after a month of reflection and relaxation by going back to a 40 hour work week is enough to send almost anyone straight into depression. Luckily my office is filled with awesome people, which makes the prospect of coming back to a base 40 much more doable. This playlist from songza, American Campfire has also helped.

A sad side effect of getting back to my day job is that I unfortunately haven’t had any focused time in which I’ve devoted to programming since our return. It’s rather unfortunate because my favorite site (Codecademy) has started posting lessons on learning to use API’s for javascript, python and ruby. Which, of course, anything that helps to explain the intricacies that I have yet to understand… well they’re at the top of my list of Todo’s.

Which brings me to today’s topic, my 2013 Programming Goals. I don’t care how well I do at reaching all of these items, it’s more important that I have focus on where I want to go and that I work on going there. Without further ado…

  1. Finish Science Fiction Tower Power
  2. Complete and stay up to date on all added Codecademy Courses
  3. Finish the final touches on my blog and resume
  4. Create a peer network and meet with them on a regular basis

Plenty to work on, awesome stuff to complete. Also in case you’re interested, here is a link to the new Codecademy API lesson offerings.