To answer the question as to whether or not I exist, I am back. My day job has been very busy lately. Several friends have had children or are going to soon. I haven’t had a chance to program much at all.

I did get to finish my first afghan. Which, after two years, turned out much better than anticipated.

My first Afghan

Actually most of my free time has been filled with crochet, friends, and housework. I’ve gotten to a point that most Codecademy classes take a little more brain power than I feel I have after work. I’ve been rock climbing, crocheting, playing soccer, and now it’s almost gardening season. Then it’s only a hop, skip and jump until we’ll be canning our produce.

Finally comes a short vacation to the southern Oregon coast and I finally find some time to write a post, and visit my favorite website again (Codecademy). I have some amazing photos from our trip that I’ll try to get up eventually.

So yeah, what’s the difficult thing about trying to learn to code while working a full-time job? You’re working a full-time job. This means that learning to code has to become an overwhelming hobby for it to become a priority. My problem? I enjoy too many of my hobbies to give them up to make sure I get enough coding in.

Give up climbing, soccer or crochet? Not likely. So now I’ve got to devote some time each weekend to extending my coding education, because making sure it happens after work is not happening right now. I’m tired from work and I try to devote my remaining energy to getting some extra curricular exercise in, then when I’m done my brain’s fried.

So now….time to make sure my brain doesn’t fry.