Last night Robey had me watch two TED talks, both by speaker Brene Brown (accent on last e in first name). The first is on The power of vulnerability. The second was on Listening to shame.

Both of these talks are very inspiring (as only TED talks tend to be). The first talk regarding vulnerability struck very close to home for both of us. Her main point, is how in order to really connect with others you must let yourself to be vulnerable. Without allowing yourself to be vulnerable you can keep yourself from doing so many things. Often this comes from a fear of failure.

The second talk focuses on listening to the shame within us. Talking about how there is definitely a difference between feeling shame and guilt. She discusses how guilt is healthy, in that it tells you that you feel bad about something. Shame expresses that you feel bad about yourself. Feeling bad about yourself is not healthy or productive.

For so much of my blog, I’ve found that allowing to discuss my experiences, even at their most painful, is exactly what means the most to other people and to myself. I do my best to share my vulnerability. When I’m not allowing myself to be vulnerable, then I’m the one preventing that connection.

Why do I choose to write some posts as a non-vulnerable entity? Often it’s from the shame of having written so many vulnerable ones prior. I’m afraid I will just look like one walking issue. And of course, with reflecting on her second talk, I’m realizing that allowing myself to be so vulnerable so often feels shameful, which is why I will not post at times. I’m never guilty regarding my vulnerable posts, so why should I be ashamed of sharing the things that are difficult or painful and make me human?